Professional Soccer Instructor

It's development—being more skilled today than yesterday—that makes it fun to play soccer. But how will it happen? Who will help me or my team to develop into super-skilled soccer players?

Below are examples of session themes I use. Most themes work for team sessions, clinics, and individual sessions. Contact me if you want to know more.
BALL STRIKING: Believe it or not, everybody can kick the ball hard, fast, and in the intended direction—with the right technique. However, myths abound about extending your swing, anchoring your support foot, and leaning your body.
DEFENSE: Many teams unnecessarily let in too many goals. Most things can be learned, individually as well as collectively, and it’s actually fun to practice these drills.
POSSESSION: Being able to keep the ball with the team—even when the opponents are pressing aggressively—increases the chance of scoring goals and reduces the risk of letting goals in. Developing game intelligence is a part of this.
1v1 FEINTS: Deceiving defenders with tricky dribbles not only looks good, it is also effective. I can help you break down feints into small components that are easy to learn. Put together, they will create a beautiful whole.
BALL MASTERY: Better ball control—receiving and turning—gives you more time to watch out. Even though this skill demands many hours of practice, you don't have to do it in a boring way. Many drills are fun and make a big difference for you.
AGILE COACH: When I'm not on the soccer field, I teach leadership in the business world. My customers are organizations in medtech, banking, telecom, media, retail, government, unions and other industry sectors. Read More
Senior-level or eight-year-olds, boys or girls, grassroot or elite—everybody loves soccer and has the right to learn more. My background is as head coach on different levels and in different clubs. But right now, I work with team sessions, clinics, and individual sessions. Clients are Scandinavian Football Academy, Hammarby IF, and some twenty other clubs.
I have also completed a broad range of education:
  • SvFF Youth C [6 – 12 years old]
  • Coerver Coaching YD1+YD2 [6 – 12 years old]
  • SvFF Youth B [13 – 19 years old]
  • UEFA B [Senior-level]
PICTURE: Staffan and Alf Galustian at an event at the Harefield Academy in London.